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What Does Trading Involve?

Whether you’re a financials enthusiast or not, you may have heard about trading assets online. Trading has been around for many decades, but recently, it has evolved and expanded up to the point that it has become accessible for everyone with an internet connection.

In its purest form, trading is the act of exchanging goods or services with another entity/company. Each time you make a purchase, you’re trading money for the items you’re buying. However, that’s not the type of trading we’re going to talk about on this page. The internet has given us space where we can do virtually anything we want, including international purchases. Thanks to technological advances, online trading was born, and it has provided us with a lot of benefits.

In essence, online trading is a trading type involving computers and the internet. To execute trades, the user must go into an exchange online, choose a broker that suits their needs the best, and place trading orders accordingly. The process may vary a bit depending on the asset the user wants to trade, but it’s typically similar.

How Does Online Trading Work?

Once you open a trading account on your exchange of preference, you must fund it in order to buy and sell assets. You can look for asset quotes online to get a better idea of what the price for the asset you’re planning to purchase is today. Keep in mind some websites offer delayed quotes that are often a few minutes behind; this isn’t a problem for some stable assets. However, volatile assets, such as cryptocurrencies, may cause you problems if you get delayed quotes.

Generally speaking, you must create an account, fund it, get a quote for your asset, and choose a market to place an order in, which can vary depending on your goals. A limit order executes a trade at a particular price you specify as a limit; if the asset doesn’t reach that limit, the trade doesn’t happen.

On the other hand, a market order automatically executes a trade at the asset’s current market price. Both options are equally good, but you may choose one depending on your goals. There are several risk-management tools that some brokers offer their users to mitigate potential investment losses, such as stop orders, stop-limit orders, and trailing stop orders. These methods are not guaranteed to protect your money in every case, but they can help you be safer.

Understanding the fundamentals of trading may take a bit of time, depending on the user. Additionally, you must always adapt to sudden changes in market behavior, so trading also involves being perceptive and able to quickly analyze the situation so that you can turn things in your favor.


Is Online Trading Legal?

In many countries, online trading is legal and safe for everyone. However, keep in mind that not all brokers are regulated or safe for users. If you want to keep things legal, it’s recommended for you to go for regulated online brokers and follow their guidelines as carefully as possible.

Some countries may have particular regulations regarding investments on some assets, such as cryptocurrencies. To make sure you’re doing everything by the book, check your country’s legal code the assets you’re planning on investing in. Following the rules while trading is also a great way to avoid scammers. With all the information going into the internet simultaneously, many scammers and hackers have created fake brokers and exchange platforms to make users lose their money or privacy. If you’re looking at an unregulated broker, it may be best for you to avoid it entirely.

What Asset Types Can You Trade
with Pattern Trader

As mentioned before, there are many options available when it comes to online trading. However, not all brokers have the availability to trade any asset you want. With Pattern Trader, you can execute trades on the most popular assets, including CFDs, stocks, crypto, and more. If you’re a beginner, you may not understand how each asset works yet, so we’re going to give you a quick overview of the most frequently traded assets on the internet today:

01. Stocks

Stock trading is one of the oldest and most common trading types in history. Overall, this trading type prioritizes short-term gains for the users, although some people have also used it for long-term investments. A “stock” is also referred to as a share of a company. These shares allow the owners to have a residual claim on the company’s earnings.

In simpler terms, when you own a stock, you own a “piece” of the company which is equal to the shares held as a proportion of the total shares of the company. When you make trades on a stock market, your goal is to profit from short-term investments according to changes in share prices. The main things that determine what the share price is going to be are supply and demand.

02. Forex

Forex is another popular trading type, although it’s a bit more difficult to understand than stock trading. Here, traders work to buy and sell currency pairs to gain profits; in this process, you’re simultaneously buying a currency while selling another to another person.

These currency pairs are defined by three letters per currency, which are used for traders to identify them quickly. As an example, an USD/JPY currency pair represents “U.S. Dollar and Japanese Yen.” The price for these pairs is represented in “rates” that express the value of the first currency in terms of the second one.

03. Cryptocurrencies

Crypto trading is one of the most recent additions to online trading, and it has also become one of the toughest to master. In crypto trading, people speculate on the price of a particular cryptocurrency in the future and execute trades based on that prediction.

In case the prediction was right, the trader gains a percentage from the trade, but if it was wrong, they’re likely to lose part of their investment. Crypto trading is highly volatile, and it’s not recommended for people who get easily stressed or frustrated. There are a lot of cryptos to invest in and several ways to execute your trading strategy, so it’s important for the trader to do proper research before every trading session.

04. Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

CFD trading is a slightly different trading type, although it’s considered much safer than other alternatives. Overall, a CFD is a contract you as a trader has with another person where the buyer agrees to pay the seller the difference between an asset’s current value and its value when the contract ends.

The main difference between CFD trading and other trading types is that you don’t need to own the underlying asset to execute a trade. Keep in mind the value of the asset doesn’t directly affect the trade. Instead, the primary factor involved in the transaction is the price changes between one point and the other.

In CFD trading, you have higher leverage, you have wide access to financial products from most brokers, and it’s a safer alternative. However, it still has several risks you should be aware of if you want to avoid future problems.

05. Other Securities/Commodities

There are a lot of assets you can currently trade online, and in some cases, you don’t even have to own the underlying asset to start. Other securities include bonds and credit default swaps, and for commodities, you have metals, oil, or grains.

You may choose to invest in any asset you consider safe and appropriate for you. However, if you’re planning on investing in an asset that you’ve never worked with, make sure to do proper research to avoid problems or poor financial decisions.

Is it Worth it to Make Trades Online?

People either love or hate online trading. However, most people that go against trading don’t truly know how it works. If you prepare for your trading sessions correctly, you’re going to learn a lot from global economics while you trade, making you a much better trader for the future.

Once you’re ready, you can even expand your financial portfolio, which can also give you several investment benefits for the future. Overall, online trading is worth it as long as you can commit to it for the long term. If monitoring and studying the markets isn’t for you, then you may try another alternative, such as using an automated trading app such as Pattern Trader.

What Is Pattern Trader?

Pattern Trader is our newest addition to the market of automated trading apps. This app was designed for people who want to begin trading more efficiently but don’t have the time or will to do it correctly. As mentioned throughout this page, online trading can easily become exhausting, complicated, or stress-inducing. Most of that stress comes from the “monitoring” phase of trading, where your job is to keep looking at the financial markets for any sudden changes and prices movements.

Thanks to Pattern Trader, you can now trade without the need to keep monitoring the markets all day long, regardless of the asset you’re looking to trade. Pattern Trader works with an updated and efficient algorithm that monitors the markets for you based on what you put into your trading strategy.

Once the app finds a suitable trade for you, you can determine whether you want to follow through with the trade or not. Keep in mind that Pattern Trader is entirely customizable; you may use any tool you consider appropriate for your trading strategy and change it if it didn’t work for you.

One of the best parts about Pattern Trader is that it adapts to most trader types, and since it allows you to trade any asset you want, it’s much more accessible for people worldwide. However, keep in mind this software still requires human input to start working, meaning you still have to do a bit of research to feed the right information to the system.

Overall, you can use Pattern Trader to learn the fundamentals of trading in a much smoother way, or you may also use it to optimize your daily trading sessions if you’re a professional. Either way, Pattern Trader was designed for you, and we’re excited to see what you can do with it.


What Can You Do with Pattern Trader?

You may use Pattern Trader in any way you feel comfortable. The app is not going to rush you to prepare your strategy or start live trading, so make sure you begin to trade at your pace. Once you’re ready to start, you may click on the “Trade” button and wait for the software to work.

Some of the things you can do in Pattern Trader include the following:

  • Setting up your trading strategies with Pattern Trader’s tools.
  • Setting up stop-limit orders/stop orders.
  • Assessing your potential trading risks more accurately.
  • Review your trading progress throughout the day from any compatible device.
  • Adjust your trading strategy until you find something appropriate.

How to Sign Up for Pattern Trader

To sign up for Pattern Trader, you must follow the steps shown below accurately so that our team can verify your new account in the shortest amount of time possible.

Enter your contact information (Full name, email address, phone number)
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Pattern Trader Frequently Asked Questions

To sign up for Pattern Trader, you must follow the steps shown below accurately so that our team can verify your new account in the shortest amount of time possible.

Is Pattern Trader Free?

Yes! Pattern Trader is entirely free in terms of creating your account and setting up deposits and withdrawals. However, keep in mind that if you want to start making trades with any asset, you must make an investment.

Can I Trade from My Phone?

Pattern Trader is available for any device with an active internet connection, including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Can I Choose Multiple Assets to Trade?

As long as you know how to trade these assets, you’re free to trade as many as you want. If you’re a beginner, we recommend you stick with one while you learn how trading works; as you get better, you may include other financial products in your portfolio.

Begin Trading Today!

Trading can either be a scary or an exciting experience, depending on how you look at it. Our team is here to ensure you have the smoothest trading experience possible, so as long as you do everything right, you’re likely to see improvement in your trading skills from time to time.