About Us

What Made Us Create Pattern Trader?

We’re a team of traders and web developers who got interested in how trading worked many years ago. It was exciting for us to see what drove market changes, trends, and more.

One thing we noticed about trading was that it often got too confusing or overwhelming for people. All of us here have felt frustrated when something we planned didn’t go as expected! After many failures and successes, we started looking further into the problem.

Many years passed by until we began noticing a surge of automated trading robots, which caught our interest too. We went over some of the most popular ones and decided this was the right way to get rid of the frustration and anxiety that trading often involves.

We started to work on the Pattern Trader as soon as possible and got more professionals to join our team. Our goal was to create something unique, efficient, and reliable; this was no easy task considering the number of trading apps currently available on the market.

Our focus for Pattern Trader was to create a platform that worked for beginners and professionals equally. One of the main problems with trading app developers is that they include way too many complex features that not many traders understand. Beginners often have to spend several hours and days studying how trading works before they even begin, and we wanted to shorten that amount of time.

We worked on the Pattern Trader project for many years, and we can now happily say that it’s done and ready to be released to the general public.


How Does Pattern Trader Work?

If you have never worked with a trading app before, its algorithms may seem confusing to you. Thankfully, Pattern Trader was developed in a way that was as easy to understand as possible. Trading is still one of the most challenging and volatile activities you can do online, but you can still learn it properly if you have the patience.

In traditional trading, you would have to implement your trading strategy and monitor the markets continually to find appropriate trades for you. While that doesn’t sound too exhausting, some people do this process for several hours a day. Professionals often don’t mind spending that much time trading, but beginners typically don’t have the time or the will to do this.

With Pattern Trader, you can create your trading strategy and let the app do the rest for you. Once it finds a trade suitable for your needs, it’s going to send you a notification so that you can decide what to do. Thanks to this feature, you spend much less time monitoring and more time learning how to do better.

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